Our team has a proven track record of leading educational organizations, building award winning children’s content, launching technology products globally and scaling premium consumer brands.
Neal Shenoy, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Neal ShenoyCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie Dua, Co-Founder and President
Stephanie DuaCo-Founder and President
Noelle Millholt, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer
Noelle MillholtCo-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer
Siddharth Mathur, Executive Chairman
Siddharth MathurExecutive Chairman
Shilpa Shenoy, Chief Marketing Officer
Shilpa ShenoyChief Marketing Officer
Stefan Palsson, Chief Operating Officer
Stefan PalssonChief Operating Officer
Rachel Rutherford, Chief Product Officer
Rachel RutherfordChief Product Officer
Jody LeVos, Chief Learning Officer
Jody LeVosChief Learning Officer
Matthew Eckstein, Chief Technology Officer
Matthew EcksteinChief Technology Officer